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Lucy goes Dutch - again!

The publication of my 2017 novel, The Legacy of Lucy Harte was a big turning point in my writing career. As the book gathered momentum, readers from different countries - including the USA, the Netherlands and Germany - began to contact me to tell me their own stories of organ donation, while some decided to sign on the organ donor register having been moved so much by the story of Maggie and her donor, Lucy.

This book is special to me for so, so many reasons. The most important outcome was that it served as a catalyst to bring two very special families together after many, many years. I was inspired to write the story after hearing my cousin Ciaran's wish to say thank you to his donor family and I was delighted when it actually happened after the book (which was dedicated to Ciaran and his donor, Ashley) was published.

So, it's with great excitement that I'm letting you know that The Legacy of Lucy Harte will be republished in December 2022 - five years after it originally hit the shelves - in the Netherlands. I will always smile when I think of this book, and it still gives me goose-bumps when I think of how many people have read it and loved it too.

Thank you!

Emma x

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