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My new journal From the Heart, For the Soul - The Story of YOUR Life

Did you ever wish you knew more about your parents or your grandparents earlier lives? Their treasured memories? Their adventures, their great loves, their challenges and how they managed the ups and downs of life in their time?

Well, I certainly do! We lost our mum when we were all very young children, and I cherish every single memory I have of her for the 15 short years of my life before she died. My brother found her notebook in our attic some years ago and it gave us all a glimpse into tiny little snippets of her thoughts, hopes and dreams. She wrote her own songs which we never knew! I'm so glad she wrote them down and that we found them so many years after we lost her.

This got me thinking...and it has now led me to creating something that allows you, your parents, your siblings, your friends and of course your grandparents if you still are lucky enough to have them, a book that guides you step by step on how to record all those amazing stories we never want to forget.

As well as my bestselling novels, I've been ghostwriter to two of Ireland's biggest country music stars - but you don't have to be a celebrity to write your story. And you don't have to be a writer as I'll prompt and guide you all the way!

It's called From the Heart, For the Soul - The Story of My Life and it's brand new for December 2022!

Copies are available directly from me, via my website

It's a beautifully presented 250 page journal just waiting for YOUR story, or that of your loved one, to fill those pages with memories.

I hope you love it! I already do!

Emma x

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