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Want to write a book? But don't know where to start?

Let me help you! With fourteen novels, two celebrity memoirs and a host of short stories, plays, songs and even musicals under my belt, I've worked with a variety of publishers all over the world. I'm also a writing coach, with students tuning in to my Zoom classes from USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Brazil, Puerto Rico, France, Germany, Romania to date!

We live in a fast moving world, and I've learned that it's not always easy to commit to a set time, set place to do a course even if you really want to, so with that in mind, I've created WRITE WITH EMMA - an ALL NEW six part video writing course that you can access and do in your own time, as many times as you want, where you want and when you want!

There's no Zoom commitments, no in person check ins. Just you, writing and learning at your very own pace.

And it's yours for life - you can pause, rewind, rewatch, etc all around your own commitments and schedule.

Sound good? Great!

So what does it cover?

Well, I will take you from the very beginning - where to get ideas (this session is a bonus and is absolutely free!) then I'll cover how to get prepared...I'll teach you all I know about creating interesting characters, about how to develop and structure your plot, and how to move your reader by writing with emotion. I cover dialogue too and also the all important editing process. Finally, I'll share with you everything I know about preparing and submitting your work to agents and publishers.

If you're curious to hear more, why not give the free lesson a go and see how you get on? Oh, and you also get access to my private Write with Emma Facebook page where I'll pop on live every week to see how you're getting on. So you're never alone!

It's all ready to start right now. Just go to and enter your details to get the free video, or buy the full course and get stuck in straight away. I'll see you there!

Emma x

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