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Do YOU want to be a writer? I can help you!

Browse through my range of options, from my 6 part online novel writing course to one to one mentoring. And a FREE no obligation consultation to chat through your needs if you wish! 

Let's Talk! 

Where are you on your writing journey? Do you have an idea but don’t know where to start? Or do you have a first draft on the go and would like some guidance and direction? Are you an absolute beginner? Maybe you’re trying to get published but having no luck so far? Whatever your needs, let’s talk them through and set you off on the ‘write’ path!

30mins (by phone)


Just fill out the CONTACT form to book your call, or PM me on Facebook

My Online Novel Writing Course - Write with Emma

A 6 week novel writing course, packed with exercises and top tips all personally designed by Emma

  • Session 1 – How to Get Started

  • Session 2 – Character Development

  • Session 3 – Plot Structure

  • Session 4 – Writing Emotion and Dialogue

  • Session 5 – Editing Your Work

  • Session 6 – How to Get an Agent/How to Get Published

Includes a downloadable workbook – LIFETIME ACCESS – Do it in your own time – Start right now -Do it as many times as you need to – Membership of my private Facebook group ‘Write with Emma’ 


Book Now

NEW: Exclusive One to One Mentoring Sessions (60mins, via Zoom)

During these exclusive one to one sessions, I will help you set your own writing goals, we can brainstorm ideas for your book/story together and talk through your work in progress. Use this time to ask me questions about publishing/getting published or anything you want to know about being a writer. Maybe you've already written a first draft but it needs some polishing or a second opinion? Maybe you're having no luck with agents and publishers? Maybe you'd like me to work through your book from start to finish to help you get it ready for submission? 

I have three packages available for one to one mentoring:

1. Six Session Package - over 6 weekly one hour sessions, I will meet your basic needs e.g. critique and give feedback on your work in progress, analyse your characters, examine your story arc and plot structure in a birds eye view approach.

2. Twelve Session Package -  over 12 weekly one hour sessions, I will meet your needs as set out clearly before we begin. With 12 sessions, I can go into more detail and read more of your work, really get under the skin of your characters, provide some detailed editing notes and bring your work up to a new standard, giving you confidence and tools to polish it up for submission.

3. Six Month Package - this is the really detailed option where I will hold your hand right from the very start and go through your full manuscript from start to finish, setting you weekly goals and sharing a host of knowledge with you to make your novel the best it can be. I will help you draft a letter to agents/publisher and i will also help you curate a list of potential interests in the publishing industry to submit to. This six month relationship will also allow you to message me on WhatsApp with questions in between sessions. I will do my very best to help you get published. 

To enquire on any one of the above options, please contact me to arrange a phone call to discuss your own needs and requirements

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